Levapren® (EVM) is a specialty rubber, that can cope with the growing demands of the cable and construction industry as well as the automotive industry.

Levapren® is a highly sophisticated material from LANXESS which offers an impressive range of exciting characteristics. Due to its outstanding compatibility with a number of fillers and polymers and its low viscosity, Levapren® is an ideal solution for a variety of formulation issues encountered when using conventional rubber substances. This rubber can also help to significantly improve the property profile of other polymers.

Properties & Benefits:

  • High-tech polymer from LANXESS
  • Ideal for absorbing high quantities of fillers
  • Ideal for making zero halogen low smoke products
  • Low viscosity ensures outstanding extrusion and injection molding
  • Significantly improved characteristics in blends with plastics 
  • High resistance to aging, heat, UV and ozone
  • Ideal for the manufacture of transparent and translucent products 

Areas of Applications:

  • Wires & Cable
  • Floor Sheetings
  • Foams
  • Industrial
  • High heat cables 
  • Zero halogen low smoke fire retardant cables 
  • Single core cables
  • Fuel resistant cables 
  • Fire retardant floor sheetings
  • Low smoke sheetings 
  • Shoe Industry
  • Special shoe soles
  • FR Conveyor belts 
  • Hoses , seals 
  • Protective films
  • Hot melt adhesives , PSA’s 



Levapren® is formed by copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate. In principle Levapren consists of methylene units forming a saturated polymer backbone with pendant acetate groups. These rubber-like polymers are designated "EVM"(1) according to ISO 1629: 1995 (E) nomenclature. The presence of a fully saturated main chain is an indication that Levapren® is a particularly stable polymer. Degradation generally only occurs at very high temperatures and even then very slowly.


(1)In accordance with ISO 1043-1: 1987, the abbreviation E/VAC is to be used thermoplastics. The abbreviation EVA is also frequently used.








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